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NanoEd Resources of the NCLT is a dynamic repository for information dissemination, research and collaborations among the community of nanoscale science and engineering education (NSEE) learners, teachers and researchers. The goal of NanoEd Resources is to build up a comprehensive network and resource portal to serve the greater NSEE community around the globe.

NCLT collaborates with the global community of teachers, researchers and students to provide rich content, cutting-edge research, interactive seminars and discussion forums to build capacity in NSEE. NCLT strategically partners with other NSEE professionals and organizations to advance collaborations on key initiatives and research. Through these partnerships, NCLT posts or links their quality education materials on NanoEd Resources. Each institution's contributions and usage advances resource sharing and strengthens the NSEE network. 

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  • Nano Lessons and Courses   ( 35 Articles )
    A repository of courses and lessons are available for instructors who want to incorporate NSE into their existing course or desire to create a new course. Each Nanocourse or unit contains an introduction, main concepts, notes, lectures and accompanying homework assignments or in-class activities. All materials on the NanoEd Resource Portal are peer-managed and covered by a creative-commons attribution, non-commercial share-alike type licensing.
  • Seminars and Lectures   ( 50 Articles )

    NanoEd Resource Portal posts key seminars in NSEE and encourages other institutions to post their seminars and lectures for the growth and benefit of learners and teachers in the greater NSEE community.

    To contribute your seminar, please view Contribute.

  • Research Posters   ( 68 Articles )
    This gallery contains research presentations submitted by graduate students and post docs from around the world.
  • Online Lessons, Simulations and Games   ( 29 Articles )
    Online lessons, simulations, and games are self-contained instructional materials submitted by partners and contributors to NCLT.  The lessons and games focus on key ideas in nanoscale science and engineering (NSE) and their applications. In addition to the interactives and animations, each lesson contains a general description, main concepts, and instructions for running the simulations. Most lessons also include a guide to aid integration into the classroom.
  • Nano Learning Research   ( 9 Articles )

    Nano Learning Research features a collection of papers, presentations and resources in learning research promoting the best teaching practices and methodologies for nanoscale science and engineering education (NSEE).


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